Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is it Possible???

1. That I could be feeling the baby moving at almost 14 weeks??
It seems at night with a quiet house and some time to put my feet up, I get this strange feeling in my belly. I thought I felt Anna pretty early in my pregnancy... but of course the Dr blew it off as a crazy preggo lady idea... grrr

Anyway, for now I'll enjoy the time with my feet up:) And if it is Baby, I'll be glad to feel Baby's movements more strongly in the weeks to come:)

2. That my non-conformist is conforming??

Yes, my little Lydia decided to wear the Puggles shirt!! For 2 months she's been rejecting it but today was different, she actually agreed to wear it!! I'm totally biased, but she was the cutest little Puggle... with her little shirt, non matching little circly ribbon bow and her Dora backpack with her BIble and extra clothes:) Too cute:)

3. That we really did lose TWO library books??
So for the past 4+ weeks we have been ransacking the house - the bedrooms, closets, under the beds, and their backpacks.... everywhere it seems. Then we attacked the van and the car. But NOTHING!!

I'm usually super anal about library books... they are brought home in the libary bookbag, they sit in the library book bin, they are read in the living room (preferably on the couch) and returned to the bin after reading time (or sat on the end table if it's a good one to save for reading time after lunch).

But for weeks now... nothing! So this week I finally just paid the fine... as disappointing as it was. Do I get the "library book loser" badge now??

4. That my son is actually trying to redecorate??
Tonight in the girls' room I noticed some of their decor was a bit off...

Chris must have noticed my puzzled look and offered the explanation, "I was trying to be a wall climber, but I broke that and this [pointing to the crooked pieces]. So then I fixed them, see [pointing again to the crooked pieces]?" Lovely:)

Daddy did restraighten them this evening.....

I was amused at the picture. Next to the "B" was 2 splotches on the wall. It's soo hard to see normally, but the camera picked it up.... that's where Christopher jumped into Lydia's crib one afternoon and decided to COVER her, himself and two places on the wall with Chapstick:) Lovely... I know:)

Thanks for sticking around for all the randomness today :)


Ashley said...

I think it could definitely be the baby. I felt my 3rd at 14 weeks. I know it was her because the same feeling just kept increasing over time! Congrats!
Also, the Library told us we had lost a book and it turned out that it had been returned but hadnt been wrung in the computer correctly. I hate the feeling of not returning them all. Today is the day I will go and collect the books to return and I am already feeling nervous!!

Bunch of Barrons said...

I felt Merrick move at 15 weeks, and I think Tirzah was about the same time. I believe you! :) The doctor's don't always know...haha. ;) My mom used to lose library book all the time. It's so frustrating losing things...:)

Jenny said...

I'm LOL about how he covered him and his sister with Chap Stick! Hilarious!

I think you could be feeling the baby's movements. Especially since it's not your first pregnancy, you would know what they feel like. How cool!

I hope you find the books!

Drea said...

i think u def can feel the baby at 14 weeks. i felt this one at around 12. :) and taite around the same time. caleb tho not til like 18 weeks :)

Stacey said...

Great post! I'm sure you could be feeling the baby already. I felt Rowan at 15 weeks, Bria at 14 weeks, and this little bean at 16 weeks.