Monday, June 15, 2009

Seven Years Ago Today.....

Many nights, even after a "dysfunctional day", I am amazed at how perfectly we are paired. Sure we have disagreements and we are still learning about one another all the time... but we geniunely love one another and enjoy each other's company. And we are working daily alongside one another!!

I am soo thankful to the Lord to be Brian's wife. Brian is a very good and honorable man. He loves the Lord and desires to know Him and serve Him to the best of his abilities. Brian is a very, very diligent and hard worker both at church and around the house (helping me, playing with the kids and doing jobs around the house).

One of my favorite things about Brian is when he gets silly... while he normally has a very dry sense of humor, he will on occassion not be able to speak because he is laughing soo hard... everyone listening to him just smiles and laughs to just watching Brian's laughter. I look forward to some typical brother/dad humor during our upcoming vacation... I wonder if their goofy Darth Vadar joke will come out again...

One of the most touching things about Brian (besides how much I know he loves the Lord and me) is his LOVE and devotion to our kids!!! One of his struggles while working on his PhD was the time he was missing with the kid due to studying... but it's not uncommon to find him sitting on the floor in the bathroom reading books with Chris on the potty, or jumping on the trampoline with the kids, or teaching them some sports outside, or encouraging them in their learning. It always makes me smile to see them having fun together... they have a great Daddy!

And I have a GREAT Husband!!

Happy 7th Anniversary, Brian!!
I love you more and more each day!!

here is our engagement story. if you're interested!


Kate said...

Aw! congrats Brian and Kelly!!

Jenny said...

You have an adorable family!

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Kelly and Brian!

I do not know you both for a long time now but I have already notice that you are a great couple!

Wishing you many many more years of being together and loving each others!

Jenn said...

Happy Anniversary! We have one coming up as well. Ours will be a whopping 18 yrs though! Boy do I feel old. lol!

Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Ours is on the 15th too, we just celebrated 8 years.

Congratulations and blessings to you both!