Friday, June 19, 2009


The other day the kids and I were climbing into the trampoline when I heard shrieks... girlie- "I see a bug" shrieks:) And they sure had found one....

Yes, he was stuck halfway through the trampoline netting!!! he was difintely STUCK... LOL... I kind of feel bad for bugs OUTSIDE that get stuck in the path of my kids... they LOVe to catch them and put them in their bugkeepers. They shake them around for a few hours and then I convince them that we need to let them go so they can eat... lol

But this was different... it was a horse fly!! So I got a bat... lol

I did spare him. he came all the way through the net into the trampoline... more girlie shrieks.... and then we flung him out into the grass to FREEDOM... LOL

Plenty of excitement for us:) And a good story that was shared with Daddy... who didn't have to come rescue us this time... LOL


Anonymous said...

Ugh..for this bug I would have shriek too, I think. Usually I only hate spiders, but this does not look nice, too.

devita said... that's really funny. lol.. How could it stuc there? lol..

Drea said...

HAHA thats funny!

Jenny said...

LOL! That is a hilarious picture! I probably wouldn't have spared him though :)

Grammie said...

My motto is ..."you kill it, you eat it." Good thing you let him go. Yuk I think he would have tasted as good as he looks...disgusting