Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WFMW - Planning Meals for Vacations:)

You might not have known... but we've been on vacation all week!!! yes, I'm a BIG nerd and had my posts scheduled... there were fun pics and quotes I wanted to share... vacation scheduled posts seemed perfect:)

But what was really scheduled for our vacation were our meals:) We stayed at a mountain home of some friends... it was beautiful and soo nice to feel like we were camping but have beds, showers, cable TV (LOL... always a treat hen you don't have it a home) and a full kitchen... yes even a dishwasher:) And we had the whole in-law crew... so plenty of help with kids and meals.

About 2 or 3 weeks before our vacation, Grandma and I started chatting about some easy meals we could fix. And then we watched sales and started "hiding away" our vacation foods. Yes, I'll say "hiding" because I had to keep my kids (and husband) out of the snacks:) And we tried to do some of our prep-work at home.... to make the final preparations easier... and it was!!!

So on spaghetti and meatball night, I pulled out the meatballs I had made and froze weeks ago when ground beef was a GREAT price! And we used the spaghetti sauce I picked up at Lowes 2 weeks ago when it was BOGO. So we were able to have simple and easy to prepare meals while we saved money... everything on sale and NOT eating out for every meal.

Another great aspect about planning meals (for us) is that we brought foods that were safe for everyone. Eating known safe foods at home is soo much less stressful than being at a restaurant with hungry kids trying to figure out what the kids can eat!!

The other GREAT thing was that we planned meals together.... it was nice to share the meal planning, preparing and cleaning up. I am soo blessed to have such a great mother-in-law!!! She's amazing! And now I have the sweetest sister-in-law! She'll just jump into the kitchen with us, too!!

Here is the crew (with an Indian)!!

We had a great vacation... and I'll have a couple more pics to share this week:)

Check out Works for Me Wednesday at We are that Family:) I always learn soo many great ideas on Wednesdays:)


Becky said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation. For the first time in over 20 years, I'm NOT buying for our vacation meals at home and it's driving me nuts. We won't have room to keep 2 weeks worth of food cool and fresh, so we're going to have to buy on the road. However, I do have a flexible menu planned so hopefully that will help. We'll see if it works :)

Beatriz said...

It was great to be able to share some time with you guys!, we hope to see you soon again.:) We love you!