Thursday, June 11, 2009

Easily Adjusting in the newborn Days

Smallest cutie at the Splash Pad

Still snoozing (and adorable) at Grammies!!
I am just amazed how much little Hannah Grace sleeps:) I know all newborns sleep a lot (because they are growing... right) but I had forgotten! In so many ways the "newborn stage" is an easy stage.... and in sooo many ways it is not... LOL... I don't do very well without consistent deep sleep (that doesn't happen in the newborn days at my house)!

My sister and brother-in-law make it look soo easy! REALLY... they have seemed to adjust to life with a baby so smoothly!!! Even getting through those 1st few days of nursing, lack of sleep and now the awful 1st baby postpartum rash.... they take it one challenge at a time:) And I am soo glad for them that they have a big support network of other young parents, family, grandparents, church family and friends that have been helping, bringing meals and praying for them:)

Off to tame my wild crew!
BTW... kudos to all those who take newborn pics that are beautiful... it's a lot harder than it seems! Glad Hannah went to a professional.


Jenny said...

What a sweet family!

The newborn stage for my daughter was the worst! She had really bad acid reflex.

Jules said...

What a beautiful family you have! Thank you for sharing your story with the blogging world. It’s so great to have found support. I am new to this world of “kid allergies” and am having a hard time dealing with it emotionally. Any advice or kind words would be much appreciated at this time.

Drea said...

shes so cute, love that photo of all 3 of them, well done!

3 for Me! said...

I didn't adjust well with my 1st baby. I had heard sooo much about BabyWise and I was determined to use that method of parenting infants. Anyway, I had a plan and a newborn as a first time mom..... and that just leads to frustration... LOL

My mom visited when Anna was weeks old. She was straight up honest with me when she said, "Kelly, you're stressed. You are NOT enjoying this baby or being a mom. I think you need to toss out that book."

And I did. Anna didn't have acid reflux... she was spitting like she did but it was really the food allergy showing itself!!! But I was always soo worried witht he amount she was spitting up... finally at 10 months and weight loss, and acid reflux medicine NOT helping we tested for food alleries and my suspicisions were confirmed.

I am soo thankful my little sister hasn't had any of these issues to overcome with her adjustment to being a new mom:)

Andrea- thanks for the photo-encouragements!!!