Saturday, June 6, 2009

T-ball Finale!!

We survived Tball.... LOL!!

This morning we had our final game. Our opponents didn't show... we must have scared them off... hahha! So our team divided and played eachother!! Oh, it was soo much fun. Since the teams were smaller with only 7 kids... the kids stayed a lot more focused and had more playing time.

Those other Tball parents know that it took extra "parent power" to pull off a game with a divided team. BUt we did it and everything went soo smoothly the kids got to have an extra inning:) I wish I could share more adorable kiddies Tball pics... but the town name is plastered on their little shirts....

On the way to the game we asked the kids, "What is a trophie?"
Anna responded, "It's what someone gets when they win something."

Pretty good, but Brian wasn't convinced she knew what a trophie was. So he asked her, "What does a trophie look like?"

Anna replied back, "A trophie looks like something that someone wins."

So here's a pic with Anna and her trophie


And Chris trying to figure out his:)

They all got trophies and were soo excited:)

While there are always things you wished were done better. I think we had a great season. I do appreciate all the other parents who jumped in and took over coaching Tball... all the Dads that organized the practices and the other field moms who helped corral the kiddies!

And we were able to connect with a couple of other families:) So maybe this summer we will make some time to visit with them and get some more play time with them:)

Yay for a great season!!

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grandma & granddaddy said...

Congratulations to Anna and Christopher! Great job!