Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Goes in the Frig??

Yesterday morning, Brian gave me the morning off "kid-duty" and I went off with Andrea to do some "tripling".... LOL! We did tripling and MUCH, MUCH more... I never would have gotten to swimsuit shop, find some new "dressier" shirts, order the bedroom curtains and triples shop like we did in ONE morning:)

I was greeted immediately by Lydia when I got home. She eagerly ran out the the van and offered to help carry in groceries:) She was soo sweet carrying bags that seemed way to big for her!!

When we got the bags in I went to use the potty and she followed me into the bathroom with deodarant in her arms ready to put away in the bathroom closet!! LOL... I didn't even realize she knew what our deodarant looked like nevertheless WHERE we kept new ones!!! She watches everything!!

When I got back into the kitchen, Lydia was finishing up... hahaha... she was in the refrigerator putting away the other items:) She would say what the item was and then say , "Goes in the re-frwidg-ewr-watour ?" And then she'd put it in...

I checked the frig when she was "done" so I would know where all the stuff was! This was my favorite shelf... rice, ziploc bags and tea bags...LOL Too funny:)


Jaime said...

That is super cute...I love it!!

grandma said...

That Lydia is one smart little girl!

Drea said...

awe... hehe so cute!
the word verification was "blesse" :) made me think of blessed, blessed to have a lil grocery put-a-way-er hehe shes so grownie.

Anonymous said...

great done little big helper! :-)