Thursday, June 4, 2009

Encouragements and training in the Trenches

Tuesday morning was a doozy... we had everything from stinky underwear at the library, falling on the floor instead of obeying, and a screaming tantrum at Wendys (thankfully most of that was in the parking lot)!! ahhh, the trenches of motherhood:)

Before lunch I was almost in tears myself... then with the screaming tantrum continuing in the car driving from Wendys to my LAST stop (Super Walmart).... I was discouraged!! Funny thing was that I had on a Christian radio station and heard a new song those initial lyrics somewhat related to my day!! LOL..... here are the first few lines

Been a hard one
Been a bad one
Been a tough one
Been a sad one
It's been one of those days
That keeps chipping away at my heart

Most of you probably keep up with music more than me and have heard of Mandisa before. This was my first time hearing her and this song called "Only the World". It's a great songs when you have "one of those days"!!! Here are the rest of the lyrics Mandisa - Only The World lyrics I love the chorus the best. And then here is a recording of the song!

The early afternoon was MUCH better.... maybe they realized that I wasn't going to give in! We have our summer cut out for us as one of my MAIN schooling goals is to MAKE time for "training in obedience"... including the 3 ways to obey(immediately, completely and joyfully), sitting still, responding to one another and adults, table manners, etc! I've also pulled back out the penny jars.... a lot of practice makes a habit!

My kids aren't BAD!!! But I really think I have slacked on the training part of obedience and have required and expected just the obedience. They usually obey with one or two warnings, but we're starting to see more protesting, falling on the floor fussing tantrums and subtle disrespect from looks or comments muttered.

So hopefully with some of the training and talking about obedience will get us all knowing the "expectations" and working together to show manners and respect to one another! And enjoy one another's company even more:)


We played hide-n-seek last night before our bedtime reading .... what a hoot;) During one "hide" Anna and Lydia went together. When we went to find them, we found Lydia hiding alone in Christopher's room... she answered when Brian called out to her:) LOL

But Anna!!! We had to search the whole house to find her. Finally we jokingly said, "Oh, we lost Anna." And Christopher started to get worried so Anna popped out of a closet:) She confessed that she hid Lydia and realized she wouldn't have had enough room to hide with her... she heard us almost done counting so she hid in the closet really quick.... LOL

Fun memories:) Sweet times:) Even in the trenches of motherhood;)

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Jenny said...

I bet Tuesday really helped cure some of that baby fever! LOL!

Do you have any tips on how to get them to obey immediately, completely and joyfully? I'd love to hear them!

Heck, just the immediately would be great.