Friday, June 12, 2009

So Quickly

After the last couple of visits with Hannah I come back with 2 thoughts: I want another baby.. LOL and how quickly my "babies" have grown!!

Anna just turned 5 and does soo much to help me around the house and for her schoolwork!! And some of the conversations I have with her or hear her in just amaze me! And Chris... hmmm... I have to remind myself most days (when he is rascally) that he's only 3! He thinks he's a teenager,too:)

Then I look at "Bug"! At 2 yrs old, she is in an inbetween stage. She's cute like a baby but wanting to be grown like her sister and brother. The other day as we were outside I tried to capture her "littleness" because it's NOT going to last long... it never does:)

Dirty Little Hands

Pudgy Toddler Toes

And here she is showing off her newest talent!! She asked to ride the "big" bike.

Brian put her on.
Away she went!!


grandma said...

How is it possible that our baby is already riding a bike?

Jenny said...

What a cutie! Look at her go! My daughter couldn't do that at age 2, she must really be keeping an eye on her older siblings.


Anonymous said...

Wow that's so great and cute at same time! I think I do understnad you that you still feel her like being a "baby" as she is your youngest. But be proud of her what she already can do at her age as she copying her siblings.

Bunch of Barrons said...

I LOVE baby toes. haha. :) They are so cute. Your kids are adorable...glad you are doing well! :)