Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WFMW - Pinatas

This week We Are THAT Family's WFMW theme is "I'm bored". I've already started looking through the list... this will be bookmarked for ideas ALL Summer:)

I was going to write about how we plan to continue homeschooling on a relaxed schedule through the summer... I decided to pass along some pinata making fun!!! make them for a party or just for fun:)

For Anna's birthday we made a pinata.... these are super fun, cheap and simple to make:) Here is me making the 1st layer... yep, I made our in the kitchen (we thought rain was coming)!!

There are tons of directions online for the basics:) here's a fun one!

So here are my pointers (really from my mom):
1. Use the Dollar Tree punching bags:) Cheap and they are strong!!

2. Make your paste from water and regular flour mixed until it looks like thin pancake batter.... and I liked mixing it in a big ziploc container with a lid:) Then I could "save" the paste while the pinata dries...

3. We recommend layering the newspaper in all different directions! And make 3 different layers- drying between layers:) Oh and rip the newspaper in strips (versus cutting).. the jagged and diverse edges help it to really stick:)

4. Here's the SECRET (and where I messed up on Anna's). Get the bottom of a Pringles can and cut it 2 inches from the base. Then cut down towards the base making little fingers from the base. Then GLUE the base on the bottom of the pinata and the fingers extending from the base toward the sides.

5. Before gluing make two holes in the Pringles base, flatten a wire clothing hanger and hook the hook of the hanger inside. This will extend through the pinata and become a loop at the top of the pinata... nice to hang from the rope later:)

6. I like spray painting a solid layer on the finished pinata before I do any other decorating. And with Anna's I let the little ones paint the solid color pinata... they likes that!


Jane Anne said...

I love this idea!! My oldest has done paper mache' at church and my 2nd son is already asking for a pinata for his birthday (in Sept). This will be a great summer activity. Oh they are going to love it!!

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Sherry said...

What fun! I've never made a pinata.