Monday, June 1, 2009

I have it BAD....

You already know that we would LOVE to have some more babies... but even after 2 new local babies I had thought I kept the "baby fever" at bay....

I was thinking that my adorable little niece would be a baby-fix for me!! She was just 6 lbs 6oz at birth and she was almost 3 days old when we FINALLY got to go see her....LOL!!

She is just so precious, even in her little newborn sleepy stage:)I was soo fun to see her and enjoy her sweetness:)

Then Lydia asked to hold Hannah Grace. She held her for a second and was ready to hand her back. Then she immediately asked to hold her again, then quickly handed her back.

Then she asked to hold her again and just held her.... and held her... and held her!! Lydia was soo content and happy to be holding Hannah Grace. And she was soo careful to keep her still.... she did such a GREAT job with the baby. I was sooo AMAZED that she wanted to hold her soo long:)

THAT's when it HIT me.... MY BABY holding a baby and looking soo GROWN doing it!!! And the "baby fever" is upon us... LOL!!

BTW.... Aunt Jaclyn and Uncle Carson are doing well as well!! They are soo smitten with Hannah Grace! And Jaclyn and Hannah Grace are getting into the nursing routine easily as well!! They make it look sooo easy:)

So to ease my "baby fever".... I'll have to visit my sister again soon and get some more snuggles in with Hannah Grace (and help Jac)!! And get more pics of my baby holding her cousin:) And wait and see what next few months holds for us:)


Anonymous said...

that's so cute to see Lydia holding Hannah...funnily I had on Saturday a situation that was close to it. I went with my parents to pour hair dresser and her husband came with their 15-months-old daughter and then a customer was picked up by her husband and son and this baby was about 7 or 8 months old and it was so sweet to watch how the "big" 15-months-old reacted when she saw someone who is younger than her on Daddy's arms. Really amaizing. But more amaizing is that the little girl is used to me as I see her nearly everytime I am there and last time she went with me out of the shop and along the street without giving a noise or taking a look back for Mommy. I think the baby-fever has catched me, too. :-)

Jenny said...

She is gorgeous! Whenever I get baby fever, I take a Tylenol :)

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

What cute pictures! You're lucky to have a niece -- my husband and I are both only children so we have no "baby fever" fix through nieces and nephews. Hmmm...maybe that's why we've had four babies in five years? :)

Drea said...

aw... love that picture of lydia holding her... so sooo sweet. I still remember the 1st time I saw Caleb hold Taite.. I thought the same thing.. hes no longer a baby.
Kind of sad at the same time sweet.. you know.

Heres to more kiddos! :)