Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Sentences

As I was working around the house I heard the kids playing... this was what I heard from Anna:

Let's do school. Everyone get your Bibles...

Ok, so today we are talking
about what God has created....

He made the sky, bird and then trees.
He made us and our hearts.... he made our hearts so that he can live in our
hearts and tell us what to do.
Everyone got a turn being the "teacher"... that means you get to tell the others what to do while you stand behind the dehumidifier! And you refer to everyone using their full name.... first, middle and last.... so funny to hear them say eachother's full names.

Anna ended her turn being teacher by leading everyone in the song "Home on the Range". But then it got silly.... they subsitituted the forgotten words with BOINK... so it all ended up in giggles:)

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devita said...

O gosh! They are really cute and sweet! You are really blessed to get them. Have a great Monday!