Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trying Manual with my Boys:)

Have you missed us??? LOL... we've been around:) And visiting and cleaning and everything else that occupies a normal family when mom isn't on the computer:)

Yesterday, we traveled back to my parents' house to take my mom (grammie) to a park she's been wanting to go. It was Grammie, our crew and Jalcyn's crew.... so much fun to have us all!! I have TONS of pics I'd like to post sooooo maybe that will be our Wordless Wednesday (or maybe I"ll sneak some more in later today).

I've been trying to "play around" with an SRL... but I just don't know anything:) And I'm soo worried about missing that "perfect picture" when I'm just "playing around". But I try:)

So here's what happens when I TRY to go "manual".....

So sweet.... but since it was on a crazy setting I don't know how to work yet... Chris was soo blurry.

The boys were sweet and posed for me. But the first was soo unplanned and just one of those moments... that will forever be blurry.... or can I consider it "bokeh"?? Anyway, we had a blast yesterday, even with the Momma -rattzi following behind!! And I'll share some fun pictures of our great day soon:)


Jenny said...

I haven't been brave enough to try out the manual settings yet.

I must use the camera too much, because my daughter keeps asking me why I like it so much! LOL!

Drea said...

HEHE :) i think the bokeh (blurr) in the background is beautiful!
What happened with Chris was your aperture was set to prob aruond 1.8? 2.2? if its that small it makes for a very small focal area.. so brian was in focus and obviously chris out of focus. If you open up the aperture to about 4.5 or 5.6 you would have both in focus.. but loose the blurr :)

Its easy to change, ill teach you when I see you next. But if you want to try you would just hold the AV button down (near the little view window you look thru) while holding AV down you use the same scrolling button you would to change the exposure... to change the aperture while holding that button... you will see on the back of the camera the numbers change from like 1.8 to 5.6

Let me know if it works! :)

3 for Me! said...

Hmmm... so that is what the aperature does... I'm thinking I need to read a basic photography book:)

Drea said...

books help :) experience does wonders 2! just keep playing with it.
When I shoot 2 or more people I set my aperture to like 2.2-2.8, but with that 50mm you are using id keep it over 2.8 with 2 or more... just because it has a slower focus and such.. that lens always gave me focal issues.. the 85mm is much quicker and easier to use (IMO). But the 50 is nice, just takes getting use 2. :) I need to let you borrow my 75-300mm that I was using at the pool the other day. When I get back from vacation ill loan it to you.

Drea said...
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