Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another Brother Married & Simple Family Times

IMG_0781Last weekend we traveled to my parents for some time to celebrate my brother's marriage. He and his girlfriend decided to tie the knot and then planned a meal with both families to celebrate.... nothing fancy, just gathering together around a meal Sunday afternoon.

My brother Brian married a sweet gal named Kelly. So now we have two Brian & Kelly pairs;) And Kelly is taking my brother's last name, so (besides her middle name) she has my maiden name which is fun! It's also interesting that Kelly and I attended the same undergraduate college and were there and graduated the SAME years, but we didn't know one another.

I look forward to getting to know her more and getting to see their family grow together!!

I was thankful though for some uncle time with my brothers and cousin time with Hannah Grace Saturday afternoon... we all enjoyed a relaxing afternoon just hanging out.




Hannah Grace and Nate playing together and sharing;) So nice;) Much better than at Christmas when they pushed for what they wanted and snatched toys from one another... it's cool to see them at little older and playing together more. 

With food allergies we don't get out much to eat! We were so pleased with the restaurant Kelly's family had chosen, they were very accommodating... cheeseless pizza (Anna had grilled chicken and steamed broccoli) and strawberries for dessert:) 



We had a last minute idea to bring some of Chris' weapons... his Nerf guns and a pair of swords that Uncle Brian got him for Christmas. I was a little hesitant because I didn't want the weapons to be an issue, but they weren't. In fact we spent a good amount of time outside playing with Chris' toys:)

Wesley looking up at Pey and trying to taste him when he leaned in for a kiss;)

Keeping Nate entertained and contained at the nice restaurant was a challenge. It's totally our fault... we don't go to nice restaurants without playgrounds (LOL!!) often due to little kids and food allergies! Between visiting the restroom (and attempting to potty.... still no success), taking walks with Grammie and Pey and watching the chefs at work....we managed!

A picture with Pey and the boys scatter and little Hannah Grace is still not totally awake or wanting the attention from family:)

My only regret....

I didn't take enough pictures. I know some in my family aren't the picture-loving type (and we were in a nice restaurant, too) , so I was a little reserved! But now as I look back over the pictures, I'm wishing I would have taken more... more of us... all of us. Besides a couple of hours on Christmas, I can't think of another place all four siblings and all six grandchildren have been gathered together. While we waited for food, it would have been nice to get some "six cousins" shots... I have none :(

Or sibling and parent shots... again, none:(

Of course, there are times to take pictures and times to NOT. And I totally understand NOT wanting a camera in your face all the time! But I wish I would have been more willing to suggest pictures! I definitely will the next time! And until then, I'll treasure what we have:)

round button chicken


Jenny said...

These are great. I know what you mean, I always wish I had taken more. I don't like being in anyone's face either.

Congrats to your brother! LOL about the names!

Susan said...

Looks like a great family gathering.

Congrats to the married couple!

Hope said...

Great photos...too bad about not taking more...the lighting at the restaurant was nice too!

Elaine A. said...

I hear you on not taking pictures, and that's why I probably annoy some people with my camera but I don't care. ;-) You did get some nice ones though! Congrats to the happy couple.

Grammie said...

It would have been great to get some photos outside by that beautiful fountain of the whole group. We are all at fault...we should have had Joanie come and organize a few shots. We were too busy keeping kids happy..but it was still a great time to get to know Kelly's family.