Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012 - Family Photos

Everyone dressed up in their Easter attire after church;)



We are always thankful for the chances we get to see Gran-grandma!! We visited at her house this time!! The kids love playing in her backyard!

After a morning at church and having lunch we set up a little Easter egg hunt. Grandma and each of the kids (who wanted to) hid eggs for the others. At first all the eggs were empty.

Nate had had a little egg hunt during his Awana class the week before with jelly beans in the eggs. So as Nate popped open the empty eggs he knew something was missing. He ran inside, grabbed a stool, got the box of jelly beans off the kitchen counter and brought them out to us;) During the second round of hunting, Nate was shaking the eggs to be sure there was something in them:)


Wondering how any of the kids are looking forward for the Easter pictures? We've got entertainment behind the photographer... this time Daddy was caught in a reflection in the door!


Real is also that I didn't plan anything exciting or memorable this Easter :( But our exact plans were really unknown until two days before we left for visiting with grandparents. In the past we have made Resurrection Rolls and did the Trail to the Tree (Holy Experience) .

Thankfully going to Grandma and Grandaddy's is a big treat for us. And Grandma had a delicious Easter meal and even the Easter eggs the kids could play with. Another treat was watching The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. The kids have been listening to The Chronicles of Narnia on CD since Christmas and we borrowed a copy from Brian's uncle. We thought since the kids had listened to it they would be ok watching it... it's always a little more intense watching something rather than just reading (listening) to it. But the kids did well and liked it. It was a treat to stay up late with them and watch it together;)

We have some big house news to share, too!! And I know I'm late, but I HAVE to do Nate's monthly post... he is just one shy of hitting 24 months, I can't not do 23 months:) LOL!!

round button chicken


Drea said...

Nice face Brian :) - if you want that cloned out I could do that for you hehe, but I kinda like it better with it in haha.

Susan said...

Oh my, what a beautiful family you have.

What a treat to spend time with their grands.

Enjoyed each picture and everyone looked so good.

Have a blessed day♥

Elaine A. said...

Love the silly reflection! :) Great photos all around. Happy Easter!

*kate said...

Your family is beautiful! Great photos :) I love your "funny" - sometimes they're just too smart aren't they? :)

Jenny said...

Awesome pics! You have a beautiful family!

LOL about Nate going to get the jelly beans!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Looks like a very joyous day!

Hope said...

You have a beautiful family! Happy Easter!

Heather said...

sweet shots, Love the family photos, everyone looks beautiful!

Tesha said...

Hi I am stopping by from this or that link up. I am so happy to have found you I am Also a homeschooling mommy to many. I love these sweet pics, Your family is precious!