Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Science Fair

This week we concentrated our time working on our Science projects for the fair on Thursday night. We had planned the projects before this week but needed to invest the time getting it all together! In order to have the time we scaled back on other other studies just for the week:)

Again, reading through the Bible Storybook and having lots of discussions.

Grandma read with the kids while we were visiting with them and Lydia asked her,"Do you think God is real?" WOW!! Grandma fielded that question since Brian and I were both out of the room... definitely a blessing of having godly grandparents!!

And as we continued to read through the biography of George Washington there was a story about a little girl listening in on Washington's prayer time. The father rebuked the daughter saying that prayers were private between God and that person. Chris stopped me from reading more asking the question," If prayer is just between God and that person, why do people pray out loud at church so everyone hears them?"

These kids are listening and processing.

Anna read alone each day. She is working through Pippi Longstockings.

reading while enjoying our morning cup of OJ
Chris and Lydia completed a couple lessons in OPG. But there was a day or two we just read through library books together that they had picked out.

Each child completed 4 lessons a piece. Thankfully each child had an assessment day and the lessons were "light" or review.

Since I tried to keep our load light this week with the science projects, we didn't start a new chapter in our history book. Instead we worked on memorizing the Preamble to the Constitution. And while we were on YouTube we found some fun "review" songs for some of the Revolutionary War topics. The Schoolhouse Rock songs /Videos were our favorites:)

As I mentioned, this week was all about finishing our Science fair projects;)





And then the big night came:)


And the presentations... talked about, but not rehearsed. Next time we'll work on writing out our presentations!

Tot in the Schoolroom
And if anyone is wondering what Nate was doing while we worked so hard on the projects, I have pictures!
wrestling with Lydia


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Jenny said...

I forgot to grab my headphones, so I'll have to come back for the videos. That's great that you all do science fair projects. LOL at Nate and the markers!