Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up : Our Non-Spring Break with Experiments

Last week (April 9 - 13th)  I had intended to have "Spring Break".... no school, start the sorting/cleaning for "the move" (months from now) and get caught up/ahead with my online class.

After arriving home from the grandparents on Monday night, I really thought everyone would sleep in and we'd just have an "other work" week. But the kids had other plans :/ Tuesday morning before 8:30am they were all at the table asking for their school work for the day??? (totally NOT like us, especially since we like to "formally" start at 9!!)

What's a Momma to do??  School the kids;)

So our Spring Break didn't happen. And I was caught because I hadn't really planned anything for the week!

We did our normal basics... Grammar, Reading and Math!

One of Chris' math lessons was a hit;) He was learning about lines of symmetry!

And then we folded papers and pulled out the paints;)


Everyone had to have a turn.... even Nate got to paint a bit;)

And then for our afternoon (non-toddler moments) we pulled out our Atoms and Molecules book and got to work on some experiments!! What was even more exciting for the kids was having our neighbor come to "experiment" with us:)



Making molecules move using a drop of soap!

Gotta love that when we were done they wanted to make their own mixture!! They sat at the table mixing outside stuff in the pan (and then into plastics from the recycling bin) for over an hour!!

We also tried a few from Pinterest and some density projects from Steve Spangler Experiments. Unfortunately they didn't "work"??? I think it was because the kids were rushing to add layers and for one our sat wouldn't mix into our liquid :/ But it was fun pulling out stuff around the house to "do" Science;)

Science Sunday

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Jenny said...

That's so cool that the kids wanted to do school! You all did some fun stuff.