Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday

During "play school" I heard Anna assigning grades on the others' assignments.

One student received a "Z-" !

Yikes! A tough teacher! :)

The children love it when Brian gives them a piggy back to bed;)

Chris tried to talk him into it one night (it usually doesn't take much)!

He said,"Carry me to bed Daddy, you need the exercise!"

LOL.. from the mouths of babes!

Chris had a minor accident last week, slamming his foot down on a pointy little toy. Since it was minor I gave him a few minutes to "recover" and then we went into his room to measure it for a math activity.

Nate was still concerned about his brother, though. He repeated over and over, "Boo-boo, ice? Boo-boo, ice?"

Finally he grabbed Anna's hand and they went into the kitchen to get what Nate thought Chris needed.

Loved his compassion for his brother!

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Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, Nate is so sweet. What a cute picture.

LOL about the exercise.