Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Who Likes Peeps???

This weekend while we were out we were handed a box of Peeps! No, really we were :)


So this week after a very nutritious lunch, I pulled out the Peeps to see what the kiddos would do:) I have a couple marshmallow lovers and so I really thought they would be a hit.... I mean once ever year isn't bad;)

Since it was Nate's first time with a Peep... I had out the camera and caught his Peep experience:)




LOL!!! His poor little face. To me it says something like "I've been tricked, these aren't good!"

My middle two who have both have a "sweet tooth"... loved them:)

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Jenilee said...

peeps are a fun hit at our house too :) cute pics!

Drea said...

Got to say all 3 of ours love peeps ;-) - and even I do haha... its a sweet treat we typically only give on easter - so its fun.

grandma said...

I'm with Nate----give me chocolate or cinnamon bun!

Grammie said...

Is this for another science experiment? I have to confess, I'm a middle child and ate them all within 15 minutes. I LIKE them. I had a BLUE tongue for a couple days, though...hee hee

Jenny said...

Hilarious! I like Peeps!