Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday

I included soo many of my kids memorable comments in my Weekly-Wrap up yesterday...

including Anna and Chris' presentations at their first Science Fair... they both did very week considering it was their first time and Momma sent them out there with NO scripts.

Or Lydia "hitting" Grandma with the question "DO you think God is real?"... Grandma had to field that question alone since we weren't in the room with them.

I"m trying to think of other things the kids shared with us this week and my mind is going blank except hearing a lot of "mine"! Nate has known that word forever, but it seems like these last few days I've been stuck on that scene in Finding Nemo with all the seagulls!!

Grandma found a hair tie this week as we were cleaning and packing up. She held it up to ask who it belonged to. Don't you know who claimed it first!! Nate!! With a "mine"!

Now it's your turn:


kewkew said...

Love the "mine"
Of course now I am going to go around saying ":mine, mine, mine, mine" all night. Every once in a while it gets stuck in my head.

Jenny said...

LOL at Nate claiming the hair tie.