Thursday, April 26, 2012

More of the Kittens

I've never understood why people would take pictures of their cats and be so willing to share them all the time....

And then we got the kittens!

These two little fur balls have taken our hearts! The kids are devoted to them... feeding them, playing with them, feeding them some more, watching them stalk birds, laughing as they wrestle and then more feeding... yes, our kittens will be fat, much loved on cats! It's hard to walk by them and not pet them, as they purr at our ankles (even when I am allergic to them... yes, just touching sometimes!).

So, since I am now a cat owner....

you get cat pictures;) Of our sweet and beautiful (at least in our eyes) fur balls:)


And Daniel's beauty secret???


Daniel's ROAR!!!!

nah... just a yawn;)

The other day Nate was waiting for me as I prepared to take him outside. I knew we'd be out for a few hours so I was trying to get a couple "tasks" complete for the evening. Nate can be very impatient with me... fussing, following behind me where ever I go, pulling on my hands or clothes. I've been trying to be ready for him and have him ask more kindly for things.

He was soo patient with me the other day though. Before I went to get him dressed to go outside, I had the thought "How is it that Nate can be soo patient with me and I so often get frustrated with his childish-nes and loose my patience with him?"

It was then I turned the corner and saw what Nate had been up to!!

Yep, so thankful that thought crossed my mind because having another mess to clean up before heading outside was disappointing. But I wasn't frustrated....  I should have expected some sort of mess with how quiet he was being :)  I honestly thought he was standing at the door (just feet from where he really was!!!) watching the older kids as I was running around.

round button chicken

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Roxie said...

We love cats too! They have a lot of personality. My favorite is when the 2 year old adds water to the cat food! :) Some days are definitely 1 step forward and several back!

Jenny said...

Beautiful kitties! What a mess with the cat food. You should invite the kitties in to vacuum that up. LOL!

texasmcvays said...

We really need a couple of kittens around here. First we love cats, second cats hate snakes (which we have few out here in the country!). I really feel you pain with the cat food all over the place our 6 year old is in charge of feeding the cat, it's always an adventure! Blessings!

Tina´s PicStory said...

wonderful pics! :)

Bunch of Barrons said...

I love kittens! Wish we could have one but where we are renting doesnt allow pets. Maybe when the kids get a little bigger! :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet pictures of your kids and kitties! Love the lion roar and the cat food mess. :-) Have a terrific weekend!