Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday: More Than Porta Johns

A couple of weeks ago when we checked our property and saw Porta Johns.... it was kind of exciting because it was a confirmation that the ball was rolling on getting our house on the property.

But for some reason Anna began called the Porta Johns "Papa Johns"! I have explained to her a couple of times now who Papa John is (the pizza guy) and that the portable bathrooms are called Porta Johns.

This week we were very glad to see more "progress". Anna expressed her delight, "I'm so glad we have more buildings now and not just two Papa Johns!!"


We DO have our house in pieces on the property now. They moved them on Monday!!

I couldn't wait to share with everyone that they were going to put the house together on Wednesday morning! We were all excited... Daddy had decided to take off work and I cleared the home schooling schedule:)Brian received a message today that it's NOT going to happen until next week :(

Can I just be honest and say I'm disappointed! I know I need to be thankful that all the pieces arrived at the site in perfect condition. And it was exciting to see the "house" on the land.

But I was really hoping to see this

here on Wednesday :(
Partially because after that major step we still have a 2-4 month wait... more waiting! I wish I could say I'm learning how to do that with more peace. Some days better than others:/

So I guess the kids have a couple more days to play in the foundation. Oh, to have the contentment of a child!
ordering food at the restaurant
pretending to watch TV where the living will be "soon"

Now it's your turn:


kewkew said...

Understanding your impatience when it comes to waiting for things to all come together for a house. Praying things will run smoothly.
Love the Papa Johns
Thanks for the linky. Sorry I don't have posts more often. It is just hard to get things written down with 4 little ones to keep track of. I would have lots if I would just remember what was said by the time I reach the paper.


Jenny said...

Bummer about the house not going up yet. I'm glad it's all there finally!

LOL about them watching tv in the "living room".

I have a funny Abby quote. I asked her to go downstairs and get something that I thought was on a lower shelf. She went down there and came back yelling, "Mom, what do you think? I have extend-a-legs or something?"