Saturday, February 11, 2012

Moments to Remember: Phone in One Hand

We called Grandma this week as part of an assignment:) Nice... :)

And then the phone was handed around a bit for Grandma to chat a bit with everyone willing.

It got my attention though when I saw Lydia working on her math assignment as she chatted with Grandma.


I think she's a multi-tasker!! And how having a "relaxed" schooling atmosphere allows the kids opportunities to connect with grandparents.... during school hours:)

How I wish I was always "relaxed" enough to enjoy these homeschooling days that seem to go by in a whirl of papers, poems, history coloring sheets, linking cubes and lunch;)

So many times I'm determined to get done our "to do"s for the day that neglect to enjoy the company of the kids all day. It becomes a "drain" and not a privilege or a ministry :( 

I was thankful for the "wake up" moment this week. And praying that my heart and plans change to reflect the kind of homeschool we all will enjoy and benefit the most from. A balance of academics and enjoying our time with one another!


Jenny said...

Adorable picture. I hear ya. Abby started crying yesterday and said she hated school. We talked about it and that's when I realized that I'd be so concerned with getting the must haves done, that we haven't done any crafts or painting for months! I'm going to try to be better about that. We need to get back to our Artistic Pursuits lessons. She liked those.

Sarah said...

Beautiful sentiment: to look at it as a ministry and honor we get to be home with them! I've been working on that same focus change too. Love the picture!