Friday, February 24, 2012

Moments to Remember: Kitten Stories

All week my kids have been diligently attending to these two!!

In fact, it's been a little bit of a challenge to get them back inside to get their morning chores and schooling done.

Wanting to NOT making our chores and schooling seem burdensome, I called the kids in with a "project" idea. They could write a story about what the kittens do when they are doing school.

I really thought the kids would groan, you know the whole "this is another one of Mom's goofy ideas to make us do schoolwork". But instead they got right to work, thinking of things the kittens would do and asking me how to spell words;)

I posted Lydia's already... but here it is again, too precious not to share again:)


To my surprise, when we settled in for devotional/reading time, the kids had their stories in hand. They wanted to read them to each other:) This turned into some "public" speaking 101... in Chris' bedroom and shirtless, of course!!




They had a blast! And it was a good "experience" for my "shy" kiddos who have NO intentions of participating in any activity that draws attention to them or they have to speak/sing in front of other people.

It was good for me....

I've been wanting to add some creative writing to the agenda and I never find the "right time". This was a great reminder that it doesn't need to be perfectly "timed". Just using a situation or interest of the kids can be magically turned into a fun "project" that can include writing, Grammar, creativity, art/drawing and yes, in this case some not-so-public speaking;)

 And it was good to laugh with them and praise them for their creativity and effort!

They all worked hard to have their stories about the kittens without ANY "encouragements" from me to finish... and that was really NICE! Definitely a Moment to Remember during all those other times when "encouragements" are needed :)


Jenny said...

That's great! Good idea, Mom! They look so proud too!

Elda said...

According to my MIL, my husband was almost always shirtless growing up and rarely caught colds. I think that it is healthy. We have been trying to encourage our own son to go shirtless, but he seems to have inherited my sensitivity to cold.