Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Steak-Ums" Fajitas

Since starting to "teach" classes online for the local community college in January, I've been in a constant state of trying to "keep up".

Obviously my family and homeschooling takes priority.
Cooking is a close second.
Then my classes.
I clean during the down times... 5 minutes here, 10 there. 
Then everything else I want to do gets crammed in during those late nights... or at least after the kids go to bed;)

IMG_9315So when I saw these BOGO at the grocery store this week... I took the bait:)

I figured buying these and making quick "steak" sandwiches with hot dog buns would save us from a quick meal out at McDs! And while these "steaks" aren't the healthiest thing out there, at home there are ways to make it a little healthier;)

Like draining the fat/liquid after cooking and NOT cooking the veggies in it! Yes, Veggies:)

Either in a bun or a tortilla... throwing in some sauteed veggies HAS to make it yummy and a little healthier;)

To make these fajitas :

I chopped up the veggies.... green pepper and onion! And I sauteed the veggies quickly. Then set them aside.

I sauteed in the meat in a non-stick electric skillet. Then drained the liquid/fat. And patted the meat with a paper towel as well;)

I put everything back into the skillet to make it REALLY hot:) Added in some McCormick Fajita mix and some water;)

Warm the tortillas. Grab the salsa out of the fridge....


And there is a super quick meal;)
(no joke... from start to on the table... less than 15 minutes!)

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