Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Smiles are Back

It seems like the colds we all had a Christmas keep reappearing every week in someone in our house. Maybe it's NOT the same cold... it's probably not, just with the crazy warm and then cold weather changes and germs... we're just continuing to battle coughing and runny noses.

This week it HIT Nate.... he's probably been the one dealing with the runny nose and coughing the most since Christmas! But this week it really stopped him. Earlier in the week his nose was CONSTANT. And then we noticed his sleep being affected by the coughing and congestion.

We knew it was time to take him to the doctors on Thursday afternoon. His personality had changed... he was grumpy. Only wanted to be held. Didn't want to eat. And began running a fever.

Over night was no better. Nate and I got very little sleep... going from the couch to my bed to his bed... he just couldn't get comfortable:( When he woke in the morning, we gave him another dose of Tylenol and he climbed back into his BED.... not a normal Nate :(

The doctor confirmed he was sick. A double ear infection! And obviously some infection as well with all his snot. The poor little guy just went through the day like a zoombie... on my hip or sleeping:( No words, no smiles :(

You can imagine the relief when Friday night our little boy looked like this;)

snacking and chatting with us;)

playing horse on Daddy's knee
By that time, he had only one dose of antibiotics for the ear infection. But he had one dose of baby ibuprofen which seems to work better for him that just Tylenol. He really started to act and look like our Nate again:)

Just a sweet moment to see smiles again!

And a reminder to be thankful that his illness wasn't anything worse. That we can go to a doctor to get the medication/help we need. And that he was on the road to recovery so quickly!

Those sweet, sweet smiles and jibber-jabber were such a precious gift after a long 24 hours.

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Tirzah said...

So sweet. It is a joy and relief when our little ones get better... Nate's smile is contagious!

Jenny said...

He is so cute. I'm so glad you took him to the doctor to get the antibiotics. It's amazing how fast they can start working.