Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WW : Simple and Sweet

We had parties earlier this month for Valentine's Day;) Lots of cupcakes, friends and treats!

It seemed like going "all out" for Valentines Day today would be overkill since we have had at least 2 celebrations already! But I did want it to be a "special day" for the kids, so I had them help plan our dinner and pick a treat for us to make together;)

They decided they wanted to make some more Valentines for Daddy and one another! I even got one, too;)




The boys and I made and mixed the batter;) Everyone but Nate (he was sleeping) helped roll out the cookie dough and cut out the heart shapes;) All of us working together... of course it was messy, had some batter flying out of the mixer and flour on sleeves;) But those are the precious moments!

I did end up icing them myself while the kids played outside with a friend! I actually didn't mind... it was nice being able to finish up the treats I knew they would enjoy:) Their expressions of delight over the cookies were worth the little bit of effort:)


We didn't do anything exciting... in fact, Brian is feeling under-the-weather so we tried to stay "quiet" :) The meal the kids chose was Pork BBQ sandwiches with some veggie sides (green beans and corn)... the menu was tweaked a bit since Daddy couldn't join us and to keep the meal simple!

We cleaned up and watched some of a movie together! It's nice just making the time to just SIT with the kids... not trying to multitask but BE with the kids!

I really enjoyed our Simple and Sweet Valentine's Day! Spending time with the ones I love and showing my love by BEing with them and sharing our day together!

I LOVED this post this Valentines Day called Creating a Family Culture of Love by Sally Clarkson! What an inspiration this family and mother are to me!

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Carissa said...

So sweet. I love simple, but heartfelt days like these.

I think I have the exact same cutters as you. I have had them FOREVER. Old faithful! :-)

Love your God Thinks You Are Special Plate. Where did you get it?

have a wonderful day!

Jenny said...

Those are cute cookies.

I hope Brian feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. Cute cookies. What kind of icing do you do?

Bunch of Barrons said...

Those are so cute! Happy Valentines day! :)