Thursday, February 16, 2012

Male Bonding with the Babe

I was pretty against bringing toy weapons into our home when we had little Christopher. I just felt like the world was violent early enough and we could hold off on bringing toy weapons into playtime and into the home.

But it seemed when Chris got a certain age everything he touched became a weapon... sticks turned into guns, markers linked together were swords... there was nothing I could do. I was raising a little boy:)

Then we started working on history together.... wars, the middle ages, vikings, etc!! There was no turning back.

My little Nate has been exposed to all this "boy"-ness much earlier than his Momma would have preferred. But little boys copy big boys;) And I'm raising 2 boys now:)

The other night as the older kids were preparing for bed, Daddy worked with Nate on some dart gun basics;)

male bonding time

shooting Momma

an "I did it" moment
with a proud Papa

my baby already likes his brother's stash
dart guns, foam swords...
the babe loves this stuff 

round button chicken

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Jenny said...

That is funny. Somehow boys are just born to like weapons! LOL!