Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekly Wrap -Up

Last week was a little crazy! We had Grandma and Grandaddy with us to celebrate the two birthdays (Brian's and Lydia's) until Sunday afternoon. But the start to the week, I had only a rough sketch of what we were going to do for the week :/ It's been a challenge to keep up with my responsibilities and taking on some fun projects;)

Then Tuesday, Chris was sick. Wednesday, I had a killer headache... we still schooled, but only sticking with the basics because I couldn't think.

428151_10150517851938837_547768836_8858180_804190917_nThursday we attended a homeschool group activity. We made valentines for Hearts For Kids based out of Raleigh, NC. It was nice having a function that had a purpose of helping/encouraging others. There was also a couple of activities for the kids and plenty of friends to play with;) I'm soo blessed by this group of homeschoolers!

And Friday, I had a sweet (and brave) friend come to "hold down the fort" while I attended a VERY important meeting that I can't wait to share;) They were heading outside when I pulled up, so we spent the rest of the morning outside and finished up some "loose ends" on Saturday ;)

This week we continued reading through stories about Christ in the Egermeier's Bible Story Book.

The kids also worked on their Awana verses;) I love how much they love this program, their teachers and study their verses through the week;)

Language Arts
We all worked on reading and Grammar:) Lydia and Chris enjoy their Grammar lessons, this week reviewing poems and finding action verbs that match nouns. They got to act out the action verbs and make their own sentences with noun and verbs... of course Chris made a story:) We've also been working on sight words.

Anna has enjoyed reading the American Girl series about Samantha;) She's been speed reading through each book she gets a hold of.

I"m not sure I've mentioned this yet on the blog;) The kids received The Chronicles of Narnia on CD for Christmas from Uncle Scott and Aunt Bea. Whenever we're in the car, the kids and I listen to them;) They love them and can't wait for the next trip:) Besides the kids enjoying this classic, this week I've seen another benefit from listening to the CDs. While at the library this week, Anna checked out the book The Magician' Nephew to read it;)

They each completed 3 Math lessons this week. Lydia's favorite activity this week was practicing counting by 5's by making tallys. She really liked it when we counted marshmallows;)

Anna learned about millimeters. I hate to admit how much I learned :/

On Saturday, I pulled out some lessons that we had skipped over earlier this year because we didn't have a balance. Lydia and I (and Anna) spent over an hour doing the activities;)

The greatest thing was that later in the day, Anna pulled back out the balance to see what else she could "figure out"!

The week before last we studied Loius XIV and made masquerade masks with Grandma and Grandaddy. We also took a little while to talk about France. And on Monday (this week), we read through a book about Monet (a French artist). The kids then tried to paint some Monet-like paintings..


This we learned about Frederick I of Prussia. The kids really liked reading through the Grimm version of Snow White.

We also did some listening of Bach and Handel. The kids and I also enjoyed a book about Handel which made his world come to life. And the kids recognized some of his story from a CD we have from Maestro Classics;)

We have been using You Tube videos for some of the basics to the elements;) They are helping us memorize some key terms and names and atomic numbers of the first 12 elements.

Anna has also been working on making some information cards for the elements of the Periodic Table. Each card contains the basics about the elements, it's #s , uses and when it was discovered. I am hoping we can do at least the first 18 or so in the next few weeks! She has enjoyed this activity:)

In order to help us memorize the elements, in a fun way, we headed outside in the beautiful weather and made an element hopscotch;)


Pic of the Week
Chris getting into the game;) His rock landed on Boron;)

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Jenny said...

I love the picture of the week! Too cute! What a fun week you all had. Bummer Chris was sick.