Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday

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After starting and hosting Tiny Talk Tuesday for many blogging years, Mary @ Not Before 7 has given Tiny Talk Tuesday to us;) We are honored and excited to continue to provide a place to share all the silly (and/or important) conversations we have with our kids each week.

So often as parents we get distracted by all that needs to be done in "our" world to listen to the sweet  and sometimes loud) voices that  long for our attention.

Tiny Talk is an encouragement to listen and laugh! And a place to record those sweet voices and silly conversations so we can remember!


Some how at dinner, we got on the conversation of a pastor (and his family) one day moving into "our house" (aka -the parsonage we're living in now).

Anna then made a "silly" comment that she hopes the next pastor will be one of the men who doesn't become the next US President.

We must have given her confused looks because she quickly said, "Like Rick Perry... or Rick Santorum"

LOL!! Then we asked her who else was running for president. She answered, "Newt Gingrich. Mitch Romney (I know the name wasn't 100% correct... that's what made it cute!)."

So then we started asking her more current events questions.

Like "Which country has nuclear weapons?" She quickly piped up "Iran."

For years we were very cautious about everything the kids were exposed to on TV. For the last 2 or 3 years while Brian has watched the morning and/or evening news the kids have snuggled next to him listening in.

It's both amazing and a little "iffy" all that they are learning from watching the news with him. Brian points out to them when a certain topic has been covered by only one point-of-view. And he's always there to answer questions for them. I think it's a great beginning for us teaching our kids to be good citizens, mindful of the world we live in, aware of what is going on around them and critical thinkers;)

Right now, though, they are little sponges!

Last week for history we studied about the wars between the early colonies and the Indians as the colonies expanded. One of the main battles was with Metacom near Plymouth. We read through where the colonist shot Metacom, beheaded him and posted his head on a stake in the middle of town for years. (yuck!)

As we finished the story, Lydia (5 yr) spoke with her inquisitive & scholarly voice,"I just have one question. What did they do with him's body?"

 Happy Valentines Day :)

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Jenny said...

Isn't history morbid?! Lydia has a good question though. LOL!

LOL about Anna and the next president.