Friday, February 17, 2012

Was it Worth $150?

On an adult only excursion to Lowe's, Brian and I found the home organization section:)

You see....
In the new house, our school room/playroom doesn't have ANY storage:( No closets, no shelves.

Kind of like this without the nice light in the middle;)
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

So when I spied an affordable cabinet with shelves and DOORS... I was super excited!!

I had planned to backpack to the closest IKEA(at least 4+ hours) and then rent a truck to haul all the goods to the house....

The cabinet at Lowes is a much better option!

Then Saturday while we were there getting something for the new house, Brian spied some clearance cabinets.... no joke, there was MY cabinet, in a clearance pile;)

Sure it was damaged!! But on clearance ... from $229 to $100:) Nice!!

Then we were told that they "wanted this clearance to move" so they knocked it down to ....

yep!! $75!!

And we will look into contacting the company to getting it replaced but even so, 

do you think this little 1.5 inch smash on the bottom right of the cabinet is worth the $150 we saved on buying it damaged??


BTW... I just read the reviews on this cabinet and they are NOT good. Here's hoping that we have a better experience!! Just thankful we are spending $75 and not the $230! I"ll definitely be posting how we like it once we're in the new house... maybe in May??? Maybe :/


Heather said...

We have the same cabinet and love it. We use it for the same purpose. :)

Jenny said...

That is awesome! I think you'll love it! That is a really great deal and the gash at the bottom is so worth it. Could you put a piece of trim over it?

Beverly said...

It looks like it is on the bottom and the inside edge. I'd say that if it doesn't wobble, just leave it. If it looks bad from the outside, decorate it with something crafty.

I found you from Not Before Seven blog. I have neglected my blog and plan to start back with my Tiny Talk.

Justine said...

Stopping by from the FRIDAY BLOG AND GOOGLE + HOP!