Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NOT ready to be a Pet Owner, but then...

they finally adopted us!

Collar (Lydia named her and spells her name this way!)

and Daisy

They are good with the kids.


And the kids adore them:)

We had wanted to wait on pets until we moved:/ But they have made their home over here and the kids are ecstatic to have pets:) And I have to admit they are pretty easy and very sweet:)

I guess it was time!!

If they look familiar to you, they've been blogged about before...
in October when they were tiny and my kids were trying to catch them and then last month when they were the ONLY ones invited to Lydia's birthday party for them :)

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Drea said...

Outdoor cats are the best :) - we miss Jack Baur a lot... glad to get updates on him and hear he is totally fine. Wish we could have brought him with us :(

That being said, KEEP THEM OUTSIDE :-D

Just from experience... haha....

I still have nightmares of when Dinah was inside... going thru the battle with fleas.... her jumping on our kitchen counters and table, nothing worked keeping her down... and the litter box smell and mess, so nasty. Not to mention the fact she gave me Cat scratch and caused me to have a big gash scar on my neck for life. Yea no more indoor kittys for us ;-)

But once we move and settle im totally going to get a cute outdoor cat(s) for the boys to tend too. Cause those are the best pets hehe.

ps~ love the name coller ;-)

momto8 said...

we need those pets!! the voles are back in our yard!!

Jenny said...

I don't know how I missed this post! They are so cute!