Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday

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After finishing a reading lesson with Chris (6 yrs old) last week...

Chris: Mom! I read that in a zip! I've never done that before!

Yay:) So thankful he's catching onto reading... now if he'd be interested in reading books on his own instead of only looking at the pictures:) In time.... I know;)


In the van, driving home after a quick grocery shop with two very hyper kids and they are still at it!!

I holler back to them," You all need to stop before one of you gets hurt!"

Lydia (5 yrs) responds back, "I know we're both going to get hurt because we are both hitting each other!"

Sunday morning we went on a road trip to visit my dad. In the car I wanted to read the Bible to the kids for a bit. I started in John which is what I was working through last week for my class. Funny enough though I had forgotten that the first chapter or two contained the story of Nathanael (our little Nate's namesake).

So we had a discussion about the kids names... what they mean and who the characters were in the Bible.

Sometime in the conversation it all started to make sense to Chris:) He says, "So I am Christ and Nate has to follow me!"

And there is humility;) LOL!!

Obviously we reminded him that his name means "Christ bearer" and that we were praying for him to be a Christ follower as he grew into a young man!!


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Jenny said...

Funny! LOL about Lydia saying they are both going to get hurt.