Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday

In Everything

I have a WAY with computers. It's totally genetic;)

One afternoon as I was attempting to get my "work" finished Lydia (5 yrs) woke up early from her afternoon siesta;)

I began fussing at the computer that was locking up on me (in the middle of grading assignments!!).

She looked up at me and asked,"Are you talking to yourself or to me?"

After months of debating about whether we were adopting our neighbor's stray kittens, the kittens have adopted US! They wandered into our yard last weekend and have settled right in:)

The kids made a little "bed" for them in Daddy's enclosed garage... a diaper box and lots of warm out clothes tucked way in the back of Brian's garage.

We were talking to Lydia about the responsibility of taking care of these cats once they are ours. Part of the conversation went like this...

Us : Lydia, kittens turn into cats and can live a long time. Are you willing to take care of Collar (yes, her new name for Fuzzy) until you are 15 and almost driving a car?

Lydia: Oh, yes I am! I will feed and pet her every day!

Brian: We need this on video;)

Honestly, Lydia IS the most attentive to the kittens. She dragged us out to "check on them" at least 3 or 4 times Sunday in the chilly rain!! They were always snuggled together in their little "bed"!

The guilty child will remain nameless for this Tiny Talk...

AS I mentioned yesterday, I am trying to work with the kids on obeying right away... with words and feet going in the right direction! So one afternoon I called the older kiddos down for reading time. I heard three little "yes, M'am... ok, Moms". And then two little sets of feet coming running by to get ready to read.

The third set?
I call to the child who did answer but didn't move.

Then I hear, "I can't come down right now. I am using the potty and don't have any toilet paper! Can you bring some up?"


And now it's your turn :)


Jenny said...

LOL about the toilet paper. I hate when that happens. How exciting about the kittens.

kewkew said...

So cute that your little one is so concerned about the kittens.
The potty/toilet paper scenario is so cute.
Linking up for the first time with Tiny Talk Tuesday. I hadn't realized it was over here at your blog now. And I haven't had time to write a Tiny Talk post for a while.
For some reason your button wouldn't work for me, so I added the image and a text link.