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Weekly Wrap-up : Math Pictures & Chemistry Helps

We started the week with a holiday;) The kids and I took the day of home schooling, but it wasn't long before they set-up their own school in Chris' room and were bringing us math problems they needed help with. Chris is a tough teacher;)

IMG_8862We did read a few books about Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and discussed a little. The laws and "world" that he lived in seems sooo foreign to what my kids are used to. They thought that the man who demanded for Rosa Parks to give up her seat was rude! And that people should always been treated the same regardless of the color of their skin. I am thankful for children who aren't "color-blind" but know that God loves all people and wants us to do the same!

We spent the week reading through the Gospel stories about Christ, working on Awana verses and reading through the Proverbs of the day.

Since we are starting Awana halfway through the Awana-year, the kids want to "catch up" with everyone. I think Lydia did 3 sections in one week, Anna had 4 sections signed off and Chris received his vest and 1st Sparks book :) So thankful for our return to Awana... they love the program and their teachers;)


Language Arts
The kids really enjoyed Sight Word Bingo. So one day this week, I let Spelling go for the day. It was nice to sit and play for a bit:)Nate even joined us for a few seconds to put the little papers in the boxes;)


We stayed on top of reading this week:) YAY... always good;) Our favorite activity was Lydia and I conversing (aka... reading a script) over Banana phones;) She was a little hesitant because it was silly... but she asked to do it again the next morning;)

Anna tried to get a picture, but for reading Lydia and Chris have been wiggling their way into my lap! 

Anyway, it struck me of what a sweet way of learning how to read... that I need to savor these early learning moments and not rush through them to check it off my "to do" list!! Or get frustrated over lack of effort that happens:)

I am blessed to be home and able to sit with my kids in my lap as they learn to read.... BLESSED!!

And maybe we'll get a picture this week:)

We had a fun math week... here's proof;)

making a pattern fence out of pattern blocks to keep in the lions!

Anna hard at work on her "math project"

She had to find all the abbreviations and capitals for 30 states, then the weather temp. Then she had to round it to the nearest ten and make a graph!!  Her favorite part was using :)

Lydia's lessons are prepaing her to play "store" soon:) She had to purchase a few things using pennies and dimes;)

Using Daddy's GI Joes to make "some & some more" word problems;) Great math activity for a little BOY!

This week learned about the beheading of Charles I and take over of Oliver Cromwell. About Cromwell's unpopular Protectorate and Charles II's return to England. And then how Londoners were hit with the Plague (again) and the Great Fire of London!

We also read (and are still reading) a historical fiction book from that time period called Nell of Branford Hall by William Wise. What was soo unique about the book was how kid friendly it was and how many notable historical figures the book mentions... Newton, Sir Christopher Wren, Charles II, etc! It was like the book came right from our history book.

Our project for the week was to re-create the Great Fire of London. We colored and glued our little pieces of LOndon together... but due to lots of rain, wind and cooler weather, we haven't gotten to burn up our project... yet!! Chris can't wait:)


I feel like I'm floundering with Chemistry this year!!

We have lots of friends doing Classical Communications this year... both locally and kinda far! They are learning about the periodic table during these next few weeks. So I thought we'd "join" in.... kind of!  The kids and I reviewed the parts of the atoms, what elements were and we started on the periodic table!

We also did a little activity to get them to thinking how small an atom really is!
It takes 31 cuts to make an atom... I got to 14!!

I'm hoping to have them learn the first 12 elements (name, atomic number, and what it is/does) of the periodic table... taking a few each week. And then doing one of the little experiments each week to give us some hands-on, too!

Here are some of the resources we are using or planning to use:
The paper cutting activity
List and links to Elements 1-36
Periodic Table with links to introduction to each Element
Proton Don (periodic table game)
Found some Atom Structure Worksheets here
Chemistry Activities and Lesson Plans

I'd love to hear what your younger children liked learning about Chemistry!! I need some inspiration!

Favorite Pictures of the Week:
Snack Time! - Anna style

Lydia's winter observations;)

Nate's "fun" activity of bringing us ALL of his shirts from his dresser.... never a dull or clean moment around here!

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Jenny said...

Anna's project with the states and temperatures looks like it was really fun!

I loved this:
"I am thankful for children who aren't "color-blind" but know that God loves all people and wants us to do the same!"

So true!