Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Brian received Jenga as a gift for Christmas! It's a game he had been wanting for a while... one of those "we'll play after the kids go to bed" games. But they begged and thought they could do it!! They were right:) We've had a great time and have played again and again already;)

All the Jenga blocks stacked.

All the family playing together.

Daddy, impressed at how the kids' Jenga skills.

Nate preparing for the crash.

Smiles everywhere.

No matter how careful you are...

the blocks come CRASHing down!!

You hang your head
and stack them back up again.

round button chicken

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Anonymous said...

ALL of your kids are absolutely adorable!!

Stopping by from wordless wednesday. New follower.

Anonymous said...

I love these. So fun. I really love that game.

Karen said...

Your pictures make me want to pull out our Jenga game. I don't think it's been touched since before our first child was born over ten years ago. I bet my older children would love it.

anne said...

what a delightful post!! jenga is a great game and I'm so happy that they now package it in a round box!!! :)

Dawn said...

What a sweet post. We love that game.

Lisa said...

Anything which families can do together is great - that looks like fun.

Ika Devita Susanti said...

I love the expression nate made when he is preparing himself for the crash. lol. He is too cute! and poor Anna, she crashed it. lol. Oh... what a fun game!

Leila said...

Thanks for joining! I love that you captured your family having so much fun!