Tuesday, January 31, 2012

They are Little Sponges

Anna and Granddaddy were having a little tiff at the dinner table about his snoring;) LOL!!

Anna commented,"You snore all the time!"

Granddaddy, "Well, I've been snoring before you were born!"

Anna, "Well, you are the first Son of Adam!"

LOL!! Oh, my!! I was in the same room listening on the conversation and almost fell out my seat! She most definitely DID get that "Son of Adam" comment from listening to The Chronicles of Narnia on CD;) Thanks Uncle Scott and Aunt Bea:)


We FINALLY had a decent evening to get outside and finish our "project" from the week before last. We had been discussing the tragedies during Charles II reign in London. First was the Plague and then the Great Fire of London in 1666.

Our history book suggested "building" a London street and then seeing how quickly the buildings built of very flammable materials and close together burned down. This was one project Chris couldn't wait to finish;)




Chris was listening to the story much more closely than I thought. As our little project was burning he said,"Oh, this fire is nothing. A woman could put it out."

Which is what our history lesson said that the Mayor of London said during the first hours of the fire! How wrong he was :(

But I thought it was great that Chris remembered that little detail of the story!

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Jenny said...

That is funny! It looks like Chris loved the fire experiment!