Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bound To Happen

When you have a child who constantly is doing stuff like this....

too bad I didn't get a video... he was DANCING up there;) Yikes!

bumps and bruises are going to happen.

Friday he gave me a scare though.

Climbing around the base of his highchair (and WAY close to the ground compared to where he is usually climbing)  he slipped. He hit the back of his head on the window sill corner, knocking off paint and poking a whole in his scalp.

Man... little heads BLEED!!

We had drops of blood all over the kitchen floor, down the back of his PJs and on me! It looked bad! And of course his 3 little guardians were more freaked out more than this Momma!!

His screaming quickly subsided and soo did the bleeding. And we got a second and third opinion that he probably didn't need stitches. Phew... don't know if I could have made it through THOSE, too!

Other than his sore spot and a scab, he has fully recovered.

Keeping us entertained!

Reading in bed with me after his nap... as I was TRYing to work;)

SOOC Saturday


Jenny said...

Poor guy! Heads do bleed a lot, especially the mouth!

Xmasdolly said...

oh no, poor fellow! I raised two little boys & 2 girls. Don't blink cuz somebody was doing something. Well as they say live & learn. Have a great weekend!

Bea said...

Sorry to hear that!!!I am glad he didn't need stitches!!
I love both pictures of him!! He looks so cute!! His curls are getting long!!:-)

grandma said...

So very thankful he is ok. He looks like a scholar there in bed!

Marvelous Mommy said...

Too cute! I love the picture of him reading! We had a similar head bang incident. But Natalie fell from the bed and slammed her head on the corner of the nightstand!

SoCo mom said...

Aaaah, hate those accidents! Glad he didn't need stiches and is feeling better. That is a super cute picture of him reading.

emmerswee said...

What's really fun is trying to explain to others exactly HOW these things happen. No matter how many times they go to the corner or time out, some kids are born adventurers!!