Friday, January 6, 2012

20 Months

In just 4 months I'll no longer have a baby :( I'll have very busy little 2 year old.

Let me say this though.... many days it feels like I already have a 2 yr old :/

the guilty look
  • Weight - 25 pounds
  • Wears size 24month/2T tops and 18/24 month pants
  • Size 3 diapers
  • Tons of teeth... no molars yet

New Tricks
  • Putting on shoes that are almost the right size
  • Doing the "more" sign... although I think he is using it interchangeably with "please"
  • Taking off pants
  • Going up and down the slide on many playgrounds alone
  • Will "high 5" and "fist bump" 
  • Will make kissing noise and has started kissing on the cheek 
  • Jumping with BOTH feet coming off the ground! 
  • He's been saying "thank you" again... it's even more adorable now because he has learned to say it when we give him something, or help him;) It's a very sweet phrase to hear!
  • Starting to act like a "dog" and will crawl around "barking"
  • Climbing into bed with siblings
  • Making a podium and "singing" from a book
  • Dancing, dancing, dancing
New Verbage
  • Over Christmas Break Brian said "I love you" to Nate as he was walking out of the door and Nate responded "Luv you"..... precious, but not heard by Mommy yet
  • Good at jibber-jabber...  at different tones - when he's excited or said or trying to talk us into something
  • Bye-Bye and Da-da are very clear and very constant;) With Ma-ma coming in a close 3rd :)
  • If we say "One, two...", Nate answers "three".

Bad Habits
  • We've had a string of temper tantrums lately..... yelling, stomping, boogers everywhere... not pretty. Nate doesn't like to be told what to do or not do!! Unfortunately his Momma isn't very "moved" by yelling and crying when it's because a little boy isn't getting his way. So we're working through them ONE battle at a TIME.
  • Also working on staying quiet at church.... an ongoing battle. While I've been bringing quiet activities for him, they are NOT working. So I've started taking away his Doggie and paci if we have to leave :( We'll try it for a bit... the good thing is that I feel like I can leave now that Brian is sitting with us each week!
  • Constantly getting out of the crib with the side low or high!! It makes bedtime seem like forever! I found a "works for now" solution by reading with the older kids while he's in the crib and then sitting in the room until he falls asleep!
  • Spitting... when angry or silly. Yuck... especially at the season when we're extra careful about germs. Usually ask him to stop and/or tap his mouth with my hand so he knows what I'm asking him to stop.
  • Does NOT share :( We're working on it!
Having a 20 month old around, is like a walking tornado.... just all the noise and mess this little guy creates in minutes is amazing to me. But he has a little vibrant personality that just brightens up the room and is a welcomed sight to his Daddy every afternoon.

Nate LOVES to sing, dance, play and wrestle with his Daddy (or anyone else that is willing to take him on). It's hard not to just smile at his crazy antics and loudness!!

We are definitely in the season of correcting and training Nate... phew! It can be tough trying to balance legitimate requests and demanding demands. I'm hoping once he adds to his vocabulary a bit, he'll be able to ask instead of fussing or grunting.

And since he rarely takes morning naps, he keeps us busy in the mornings;) I'm hoping to have a list of some of the activities we use to keep Nate busy during school time:)

His messy curly locks are getting long again in the front. We've been seriously debating for a bit now about really cutting his hair.... oh, it breaks my heart! It's like he looses the "baby" look!! Just one more way that "my baby" is growing up soo quickly! I'll keep you posted if the scissors come out !!


    Jenny said...

    Oh yes, I remember that stage. It was called Hurricane Abby over here. LOL!

    Ika Devita Susanti said...

    lol... so cute!