Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TTT: The Stupid Sign & the Sleep Talker

Anna and I were still at the table, both busy doing our own thing:)

She looked at me with a strange little face and started banging her fist onto her head.

I guess I must have given her a strange look because when she saw me looking over the computer screen at her, she started saying, "Stupid, stupid, stupid" while banging her fist to her head.

The last few months I have started using the word stupid. I don't like the word. In fact, I always apologize when it slips and explain that it's not a word we should use!

So I wasn't very outraged or surprised when Anna was saying it because they have gotten it from me:( But I was a little confused as to why my little girl was hitting her own head saying "stupid".

And then she held up a book with her other hand....  The Joy of Signing!!

LOL.... she was doing the ASL sign for "stupid".

So now I am correcting verbal and non-verbal uses of "stupid".... just lovely!


Speaking of signing...

Since Nate first started signing the word "please" I have been working with him on the word "more". For months when he'd cry out for 2nds at meals, I'd show him the sign "more" and then put more on his plate. We'd repeat and practice, repeat and practice.

Well out of the blue a few weeks ago, Nate signed "more"!! He signed it to Brian who asked me what nate's gestures meant! LOL... I couldn't believe he did it! All of a sudden after 8 months of practicing;)

So I've been teaching him a couple of more words. One of my favorites is banana.... I taught him Saturday morning as we were getting his breakfast together. And the little guy signed it back to me on Sunday morning (no prompts) when I joked about Anna's name rhyming with "banana". There he was making the "banana" sign;)

Nate is the "thank you" King!! He says it a lot

One afternoon as I was working with Anna in her room as Nate was drifting off to sleep, he got really quiet. I peaked over at him and his little eyes were shut.

Just seconds later with his eyes barely opened, the girls and I heard "Thank you" from Nate. And then he was silent again.

He's even using good manners in his sleep:)

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Jenny said...

LOL about Anna and the sign language.

Nate is so cute saying Thank You in his sleep.