Monday, January 30, 2012

The Curls are Gone :(

IMG_8820-1His curls appeared a few months ago... just some sweet little curls around his ears:) Precious!

And then they became beautiful...

all coiled around his neckline;)

The few months of having a little boy with gorgeous, crazy hair and strangers always asking if my baby was a "girl or boy" went too fast! Too fast!

While I WANTED the angelic hair to stay a little longer... I just loved those crazy curls on that sweet baby head.... I knew the time was coming when they had to go!!

One reason was that his hair was really long and needed a trim:)Not just the back...


But the front, too!

I tried to trim some in the front, but it looked really bad being short in the front and sooo long in the back :(

So we had to go for the BIG cut!!

After that, the curls were gone :(

Far from a glamorous salon, Nate's first haircut (not Mommy's needed trims) was done on a Saturday morning in a dry bathtub by Daddy and Mommy taking turns trimming and entertaining Nate... mostly using a lollipop:)


He did well:)

And then after seeing him for hours, we stuck him BACK into the tub to trim and try to shape his hair a little more... to get the "final" cut!!


Yes, it's a little bittersweet to see the curls gone. It was one more symbol of the "baby days" slipping by and a little boy emerging!


Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, he's so sweet. His hair was really long! I love the new little boy cut. His eyes stand out even more.

Shannon said...

that's how I felt when we cut Nacho's curls! I think it's not just cutting it that makes it hard but seeing the little boy (like you said) emerge when we so want to keep them our babies. I actually liked Nacho's really well once we cut it and I think Nate is adorable!!!