Thursday, May 24, 2012

Field Day and a Change of Groups :(

In those early home schooling days one of the best decisions we made was to join a home schooling group!

We joined as I started Anna in 1st grade because we knew no other children her age home schooling in our local area (we had friends planning to school but no one actively doing it at that time). I wanted my kids to have other kids to do field trips with and realize that there are other kids out there that home school.... we are not the only ones:)

All the possible groups we could have joined were all about the same distance (45 minutes one way), so we chose a group where I had already made a connect via Facebook and had heard from this mother about her love for the group, home schooling, her kids and wanting to grow in the Lord. Yes, sign me up!! That was exactly the type of families I was hoping to find and be-friend in a home schooling group!

Only doing a field trip once a month (sometimes twice) it takes time for kids and parents to really get to know one another. But being a part of the Mom's Bible Study once a month allowed me to make some very encouraging and great friends... who also have kids that my kids LOVE to see at field trips;) It's amazing to think that we've now been a part of this group for three years!!


Last Friday we had a chance to spend time with LOTS of  families from this group for their annual Field Day!! Our kids had a blast last year and were ecstatic to go back:) It was a great time... for all of us... the kids playing, the moms helping or chatting;)

It was a beautiful day!!! Warm, sunny with a wonderful breeze (almost cool)!! We really couldn't have asked for a better day to be outside all afternoon and into the evening;)

First the kids participated in individual events split into their gender and age groups! They did activities, like...

short sprints

I loved seeing my kids mixing in with their groups!! And their expressions through all the events that were captured in the pictures;)
long jump


And then they mixed up the ages and genders into groups. These are fun because everyone is together.... cheering on the kids and it's just really loud and fun!! They did some group events, like...



balloon tossing

and a tug-of-war!!
before and after

You can see that the kids really, really did have a great time;) Kudos to the team that put the entire event together... they did an amazing job coordinating all the groups, kids, leaders, games, supplies;) They are gifted!

We did have to keep Nate busy during the 2 hours of games!! Thankfully he was pretty content drinking plenty of water,

throwing grass at little girls and playing on a playground that was also on the property... thankfully!

I definitely enjoyed the time with these precious home schooling families, even catching up with some that I hadn't seen in a while or don't get to talk with often!!

But I was plagued with the reality that we have decided to change home schooling groups next year :(

Where we are moving, we are actually closer to another group. Close enough to have a more active presence and half the drive that we have now. And possibly close enough to have more opportunities to get together with other families outside of field trips/events... like meeting up for dinner or park time.

I emailed a friend the other day something like "I know this is the best decision for us right now, but it doesn't feel like it yet"!

That is my honest heart.... I am dreading this "change" and already miss my friends (they've already promised to come out and visit us for the day when we get settled!!! Yay!!). But know that being physically closer to the group will be a lot easier to get to functions and make those connections! Plus I have heard from the new group that there are other families from our county who are a part of the group as well... so maybe we'll have other home schoolers even closer than our 25 minute drive;)

Let me also say that I pray we can make friendships in the community  as well.... we don't socialize with just other home schoolers!!! Once we are established at a new church and are involved in more community activities, those will come! And I'm making a better attempt at getting to an already establish Women's Bible Study in our county that I have been apart of before... they are some really great women of all stages and interests... so I am looking forward to that as well.

I am very blessed that we are moving into a community where we already have a lot of connections! Between friends we've had for years (and prayed for us to stay in the area!!!) and the connections we've had through the community as well as Brian's job, we are definitely NOT moving into a totally unfamiliar area where we feel like we are starting all over in building friendships!

round button chicken


Jenny said...

What an awesome event! It will be so much better to live closer to the new group, bummer that you have to leave good friends. I'm sure you will all make new friends in no time!

I am thinking about joining a nearby homeschool group this year. We'll see..

Anonymous said...

Just don't change libraries. ;-)

EML said...

It looks like you had a fun day!

I just found your site through pretty, happy, funny, real and I am going to have fun looking though your past post.

Roxie said...

How fun! What a treat for your children!

Kelly M. said...

The track and field day looks like so much fun! I wish our homeschool group organized something like that.
We're blessed to have lots of great homeschooling families in the area, but we often have to drive quite a distance for activities. And with a 15 passenger van, it's not cheap! I'm really grateful for online groups and social media to connect with these moms during the week with questions and when I'm in need of support since meeting with them in person can be so hard.
I hope your transition to your new homeschooling community (and house) goes smoothly for you and the kids.