Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday - Happy Birthday Song for our 2 Year Old;)

I just LOVED that he tried to sing along:)
And that he actually BLEW out his own candle;)


Happy 2nd Birthday, Nate!!

IMG_8345Once or twice last week Nate got to talk to Pey on the phone:) Lets just say it made a BIG impression on him!

Every time the phone rings, Nate goes running for the phone shouting "Pey!! PEY!!!"

This "conversation" also affected Nate trying to use Grandma's name. It sounded like he was calling her "Pey", too, so we corrected him saying, "no, Grandma's name is Ray."

Don't you know my little boy was calling his Grandma "Ray!"! She was beaming that Nate said her name before Grandaddy's :) LOL!!

Since all the kids call Grandma "Grandma"... eventually Nate will be calling her by the right name:) Right now though, it's precious;)


Angela said...

Happy Birthday Nate! My Nate's birthday is next Tuesday. :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh....too cute!!! :-D

Happy Birthday Nate and hope you will have another exciting year with your siblings and all your family!

grandma said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy. We love you---Granddaddy and Grandma (Ray)

Jenny said...

What a sweet video and a sweet little boy!