Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday - Conversing with a 2 Yr Old

Since Brian began working at the college the kids and I have had lunch together during the weekdays;)

It is a time of laughing... making silly jokes or retelling a funny story! And also a time of training (with the 2 yr old at the "big" table) and reminding of meal time rules.

I'm sure you can imagine the fun of four little sets of hands, four busy little mouths and one momma also trying to get some lunch:)

Here are some real "conversations" at our house last week!

Nate gibber-jabbering.
Chris : Nate, do you speak Chinese?


Two coveted nuggets are still left on Nate's plate.
Mom: Nate, are you going to eat your nuggets?
Nate: No!
Chris and Lydia: So we can have them? (as they start crowded around Nate's plate to snatch the nuggets off)
Mom: Guys don't take food of someone else's plate. He will give them to you if he is finished with them.

Nate hands Chris a nugget. Then Nate picks up his late nugget

he looks at Lydia

reaches out his arm towards Lydia

and then bites the nugget... with a giggle, of course!!

Good thing Lydia is good-natured and extremely understanding with Nate. She just giggled with all of us:)

That Nate is a trickster!

Even with his small vocabulary Nate has already picked up some bad verbal habits!

One is to call someone "mean" when they are doing something he doesn't like.

The other bad habit is to ask "WHY?" The conversation goes like this...

Mom: Nate it's time to get into bed for your nap.
Nate: WHY?

Oh, he says it with soo much attitude!! We definitely know what we need to work on with him (besides sharing)!!

Like most kids Nate uses the word "momma" a LOT! phew!!

But lately he's been adding an extra emphasis on the last part, like "momm mma." When he says it like that it sounds like he is trying to correct me, call my bluff or is super embarrassed by me;) LOL!! 

 It's your turn to share the little words that were said at your house this week! Were they amazing or just super funny???