Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Day by Day & Lego Balloon Cars

Last week was fun with Nate's 2nd birthday, lots of visiting with friends and doing our reading and Grammar outside in the cool of the morning!!

I'm going to organize our last week by days... it's just easier!!

Monday - We completed our language arts and math assignments in the morning. As I prepared lunch Grammie called and said she was on her way to visit:) So after lunch we went outside to visit with Grammie and open the gifts she had brought for Nate (and Anna)!! Nate received some much needed clothing and Anna got a bike (she loves it... rides it every day, constantly!!!)

IMG_8460We did some reading aloud (Misty of Chincoteague) and working on history while Nate napped).

For history we studied about Catherine the Great of Russia! What a story:) We read the chapter while the kids colored the picture, did the study questions and the Chris, Anna and I played a little game to review:)

Then we went back outside for a few hours;) Neighbors came over with some gifts for Nate (and the older kids). They had chosen very educational gifts (she is a teacher!!)! We are soo blessed by great church members/neighbors we will miss having them soo close when we move!


Tuesday - Nate's 2nd Birthday:)

IMG_8506We had an extended time outside in the morning doing some reading;) And then headed in to complete math and Grammar:) I fed the kids a quick snack-y lunch and then we headed to the grocery store to pick up our weekly groceries and a couple of items for Nate's little playdate/party for his birthday:)

Our friends came over when we returned home.... and they played and played and played. We had a snack and sang happy birthday to Nate. He was shy about opening his presents, even trying to give one his friend:) But finally he was ready:)

The kids played outside for most of the late afternoon and evening;) When Brian came home from work, I fed the kids a quick meal and then went to a local Ladies Bible Study! It was soo nice to finally be able to attend.... it has been months since I was last able to attend either the home school mom's study or the local study !! And I even got to carpool with one of our sweet friends.... she is such an inspiration to me;)

Wednesday - We played and read outside, again... just too pretty to stay inside;) And then we came in to do math, spelling and finish chores.

Chris looking for 10-pairs as he adds strings of numbers together.

During our history time, we had a knock on the door. One of the little girls my kids play with had no one home when she got off the bus and needed to stay with us for a little while. Thankfully we had finished our maps and were just finishing our narrations for the chapter about Catherine the Great.

The kids played with our friend until we jumped into the car to pick up Brian and head to a park to meet up with friends visiting the area:) Sadly, we couldn't remember the last time we got to spend an evening together as a family with other young couples.... it was very enjoyable, not to mention getting so see and catch up with the other families;)

Thursday - We were back outside bright and early:) This time pulling out the chalk to do our Grammar copywork on the driveway.... why not;) They loved it;)

Again, we headed in after a while to get math and other tasks finished! I just couldn't fathom trying to lug math teacher's manuals outside;) Lydia learning what polygons are and learning to draw them:)

Anna had a busy week trying to "get" all of the 3,6, and 9 multiplication/division facts!! She is quite the trooper... pressing on until the end of the semester until we can devote more time to really memorizing these facts and increasing her speed:)

Sometime during the day I received an email with a link to a blog with boys' crafts! One "craft" caught Chris' attention! It was a Lego car with a balloon attached which when released would push the car making it "go"! Chris immediately headed to his Lego pile and began creating;)

Once we got Nate down for his nap (doing our Bible reading and reading Misty of Chincoteague), we gathered on the kitchen floor and started to build Lego cars. Once the kids built a car they thought would work, we placed the inflated balloon in it and let it go. I had fun recording some of their trials...

Chris' car....

Anna's car

Lydia built some cars, too, but never tried hers out;) And I HAD to see if I could build one;) Thankfully mine worked:) LOL!!

Even Nate did some building of his own;)


Friday morning we set off early to pick strawberries;) In all honestly I would have rather gone in the afternoon so we could have had the morning to work on school work, but the afternoons last week were HOT and the mornings beautiful! We were thankful to meet up with friends at the strawberry patch and then later at a little park;)

When we returned home, the kids had a light lunch. They got baths;) And then we read as we got Nate down for his nap! Since I had a HUGE amount of strawberries to sort through the kids spent the HOT early afternoon watching Sound of Music! And we played outside the remainder of the evening;)

LOL... its almost time to write another Weekly Wrap-UP... this week's!! Thankfully I have a little more time on my hands with my college classes being completed this week and final grades for my students already handed in;) Yepppie;)


Jenny said...

You've been having so much fun! I love the Lego cars. I'll have to have Abby try that.

Lego birthday supplies said...

Lego and Disney cars are my kid's favorite.