Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday & Just a Tad Country?

Our new yard is going to require something more than a push mower.... with 2 acres to mow weekly in the summer, a push mower would be more than a work out;) LOL!!

We've been shopping around for mowers for a few months now. The hubby really was eye-ing a nice zero-turn riding machine... I was eye-ing the price tag. Moving and getting settled into a new home is pricey... yikes! So we feel like anyway we can cut back on those initial costs... the better!!

Brian stopped the other day at a garage sale... when he saw this beauty:)

We got a deal and then he took it to a shop to get it fixed up;) It works and works well for almost 80% less than the new one he was wishing for... NICE savings there;)


While his first buy was a deal, the kids are impressed though with Daddy's latest "must have" yard sale purchase...

a trailer for the mower!
Which they call Big Red Fun!!



They had the best time riding in the trailer! Daddy even took them on a little trip to the river in his two yard sale finds;)

IMG_8734And as much as I want to joke Brian about us turning "country" I have to laugh at myself;) The kids are all clamoring to get into the trailer and I'm sitting their shelling pecans from a neighbor's grove;)

Chris later asked the girls why they liked pecans so much in a dessert I had made from our shelled pecans. The girls weren't sure what to tell him and then he suggested, "Is it because of how they were made?"

I questioned Chris, "How were they made, Chris?"

Chris responded, "By God!"

Of course;)

We are often joked by others about "being country"! How secretly offended I have been by being called "country" or living in the country!!

But I am becoming more and more thankful that we live in an area where we can enjoy the outdoors, the simple things and sweet neighbors:)

Maybe I'm starting to enjoy becoming a "just a tad country"!!

Your turn to join in the sharing of your little ones words;) 


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Cute stuff! I finally recorded some of mine :)

Jenny said...

That is an awesome find! They kids look so cute on their ride. LOL about going country.