Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday : Snake and Turtle for Dinner?

I've been trying to use up our freezer foods (in an effort to be ready to pack up.... any time now... LOL!!) This weekend I made fajitas n two different pans... one chicken and one steak. The kids were a little confused at the dinner table why there were TWO pans of food!?

So as Brian served the kids he offered them "turtle " (chicken) and "snake" (steak).... a Daddy's ways:) LOL... I really thought the kids would have opted out!

But they loved it.... it was soo funny (and a little gross) hearing them ask for "turtle" or "snake" !!

The funniest thing though was the next day when we were having leftovers! I told the kids that we had some fajitas to finish...

Lydia: Is there any snake left? I really liked that!
Chris: And I want turtle. It was my favorite!

LOL!! Meals are never dull around here;)


On evening I was in the kitchen with Anna as we made breakfast for dinner. I had just cracked the eggs into a dish and Anna had begun scrambling them. She combed through the raw egg looking for something.... shells! Just in case Momma let one through:)

I told her a quick story of Brian's childhood and visiting with a family that served eggs with occasional shells. She was grossed out and asked if Daddy ate the eggs. And I quickly said that I thought he did because it might have been rude to ask for eggs and not eat them.

Anna said that a friend told her that they sometimes had egg shells in their eggs. Anna confessed that she wanted to say it was gross, but she didn't want to be rude. So instead she said that she wouldn't eat egg shells because it would "mess up her diet"!! LOL!!

Nate shared his second sentence... "Move, Momma!" I was getting the Gator out of the garage and he was ready to go;)

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