Wednesday, May 23, 2012

House Update: Grammie and Pey Visit

IMG_9009My parents were able to visit!! Even though they live so close (only 2 hours), we don't get to see them like we should!

The kids were sooo excited as they waited at the window for them to arrive!! It's always nice to have kids running to meet you, get excited squeals and big hugs;)

You can imagine the extra squeals as Pey volunteered to take the kids for a spin in the Big Red Fun!!

They all loved the ride:)

After plenty of riding and some lunch we headed to the new house!!!!

 My parents had already been to the property pre-house but were never able to walk through it when it was on display and hadn't been able to travel down to see it set-up, either. Thankfully they got to see it all cleaned up and almost looking ready for us:)


We were all surprised to see the frame and start of the roof of the carport!

It was massive! When we've talked about the carport it's been about the area it was to cover on the ground, like how much room the cars will need and whether to allow some non-parking space... not how high it was, or "seemed"!

Then we were able to walk through the house with  Grammie and Pey. It's been nice being able to walk through the house and start  to plan the rooms a little bit!

 Nate found plenty to do while the adults wandered around!! Even a new hiding place!

If you are interested....
this is the view of my front yard (toward the right) from the front porch!! LOL... not quite "home" yet!

30 more days until the house will be completed!! And then we'll be talking about the moving date.... the waiting period is almost over!

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 then, she {snapped}


Jenny said...

It is so great that your Patents could visit you and that you could take a look at the house. It already looks very good ! My uncle added a swing in their carport years ago when they built it. This Way the kids could have some aktivity outside when the weather was not so good.

Nate's new place for hiding is too funny! Hope you can catch his expression when he will open the door for his first time when it is filled. :-)

MG Atwood said...

Oh how exciting! Getting a brand new place to call your own is the best! Glad the gparents got in on the action. Such special times.

Michy ( said...

Cute pics...nothing like a visit from grandparents...that time flies by.
Stopping by as a new visitor :) Was looking into blogher and seeing if there were other christian blogs...and found yours!

Jenny said...

Pey looks great, how is he doing?

I'm so glad they got to come out to see you all and the house. It's coming along well!