Friday, May 18, 2012

Moments to Remember - he cleans like me

In an effort to semi-begin the packing-of-the-house, this week I started going through the kids' rooms. Just to get through all the corners and dark spots of their rooms and closets that seem to breed "stuff"!!

As I dove into the girls' closet, Chris decided to clean out from underneath his bed!!

Before you look at the picture, you should know we try to clean out underneath the beds weekly!! It's always mind-boggling how much the kids accumulate under their beds each week!


Chris was supposed to be trying to clean the mess he had pulled out from under the bed, but every time I checked on him he was sitting on the floor reading through all his stories and papers.


Usually this drives me bonkers! I usually say some thing like "Clean your room and be done with it!!!"

But that morning seeing him sitting there with his radio on reading through his papers reminded him of ME :/

I can remember as a young girl cleaning my room on a nice Saturday morning... my radio on as I read through my old journals:) Not quite cleaning:/

Hard to be frustrated with them when you realize how much your child is like yourself:)

And he finally did finish... on and off... a break for school work and then back into finish before lunch.

I should have taken an "after" picture!! Chris did a great job cleaning  and even took out the vacuum before he finished (the vacuuming was his idea that morning)!

Anyone else notice similar actions, habits, etc in their kids that you remember doing as a kid or still do?


Mrs. Stam said...

how sweet, yes our little girls mirrors many habits I had when I was young :-) I love it!

Jenny said...

That is funny. My sister was the same way. I always had to help her clean her room. She's start and then all of a sudden, she's sitting there reading stuff on the floor and I'm cleaning away. Abby is just like her, not me. LOL!

Carisa said...

Oooh I love that! I too tend to get so frustrated even when I know what I see is ME! I am trying to slow down a bit and relax more and more. ;-)