Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Brian noticed the mound of laundry grow exponentially this weekend when he asked the kids to cleant heir rooms:) He mentioned to me that if they would wear their clothes until they were really dirty and not just change every couple of hours, the laundry task would be reduced. So he got to work trying to teach the kids to really use their clothes.... his good idea was quickly challenged though by a child (who will remain nameless)!

Brian: Are those shorts really dirty? How many times did you wear them?
Child: I wore them twice.
Brian: But if they are not dirty, you can wear them again.
Child: Well I pee-d in them one time I wore them.

LOL!!! And so Brian HAD to ask...

Brian: When did you pee in them?
Child: It was the second time. Then I put them into the dirty clothes basket!

Phew... glad it wasn't the first time;)


Lydia was soo sweet one night. The older kids were watching a movie with Daddy and she just wasn't interested. She asked if I could listen to her read a book. So Lydia, Nate and I climbed into Nate's bed for some reading:)

She read the book Are YOu My Mother? but I'm not sure how many times I heard "The dog was not his mudder, the kitten was not his mudder, the cow was not his mudder" :)


We ddin't plan to have anything big for Anna's birthday this year. FOr one thing, she is the child who has the most "parties" but also because our plan are so "up in the air" right now... we don't know what stage of packing we are going to be in weeks in advance! And last weekend we even had an idea of going out of town for a break from everything (but then we realized Brian didn't have Monday off)!!

So earlier in the week, we asked Anna what she wanted to do for her birthday. We gave her the options of going on a date with Daddy (or Daddy and Mommy, etc!

She came up with the sweetest plan of going to Sonic in the evening together.... since she "wanted everyone to be happy together and everyone likes Sonic. Especially the Slushies! And at night it will be really cool with all the lights, we've never gotten to play there when the lights are on!"

It was just soo sweet because she could have had time alone getting all the attention from us. But she really wanted the family to be together;) She's such a special little girl... definitely cut out to be the big sister of this crazy crew!

It's your turn:


Jenny said...

Anna is so sweet. LOL about the pee pants!

grandma said...

Anna---a beautiful young lady "inside" and out!